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my sister…

hpim0452.jpg                 hpim0096.jpg    hpim0893.jpg   hpim0129.jpg   so the first pic is me and mary at disney world, in our serious faces contemplating the importance of the bugs life movie we were about to watch, she is so serious, she is deciding to get her masters degree in forensic psychology. little did she know she would end up working with sex offenders…the second pic is her moving out from undergrad, one of my favorite things to do is just stick the camera in her face and click… she loves it!the third pic is from my cousins abbys first birthday party and that one is undeniable that we are sistersthe final pic is testament to just how cool she is, even though i was a beached whale she would still sit next to me with a goofy hat and contemplate the more important aspects of lobster fest!! i love my sis! she is the best…heres to you mar bear!!

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