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eating chapstick…

when my sister and i were very young, many many many moons ago, my mom sold avon. so with all the hideous shades of eye shadow (which applying is still a mystery to me) and lipsticks and stinky perfume samples, my mom would also receive chap stick samples. now i do not quite remember if the favored flavor was just a holiday special or not, but my sister loved the chap stick. when i say loved, i mean, apply it so much and lick it off it was “causing” the chapped lips. it got to a point where instead of applying the minty goodness, she would just take a bite out of it. needless to say, we went through a lot of chapstick. i bring this up because the other day nick and i were shopping for kevins birthday presents. at the grocery store, nick said he needed some chapstick. becuase i am so cool, i let him pick some fruity smoothy combination pack. with heated anticipation he opened the chapstick in the car and smelled and applied all three. which reminded me of my sister, heatedly applying/eating her minty christmas type chapstick from avon so many years ago. in nicks excitement i told him “you know, mary used to eat chap stick” nick replied with a “REALLY?” me “oh yeah, like all the time” well after that i thought the subject had died. every few mornings nick would come over to me and say “did mary REALLY eat chap stick?” my response ” oh yes she did!” which brings us to yesterday afternoon, nick was done with his reading and had to use the bathroom because that is what nick does when ever he is told to do something else. when he came back out, he said “that was so gross, why did mary ever do that” and i looked at him puzzled and wanted to know what? “i just ate some chap stick, oh man that was disgusting” why did you do that? “i wanted to know what mary was talking about!” ohhh.

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what the underside of I95 looks like…

and this is my fearless man acting in the navigator capacity…

that was taken before we ventured out into the sound and he got SOAKED! a coworker of kevin just got his first boat, we motored down the river and moored in old saybrook and had an amazing brunch, the red bliss potato’s are to die for, did i mention this brunch was amazing!

i have to give myself a pat on the back, being on the water all day, not a cloud in the sky, i did not get one bit of sun burn, my nuetrogena spray stuff that is like spf 70, works, which is good because wearing this:

really would have been major hurt the next day! and no that is not my hunch back growing, i think its my shoulder blade, which for a long time i never even knew it stuck out like that! we had a gorgeous day, with really good company and like i said before amazing food! what a great way to kick off the summer!

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more friday fun stuff…

i want to have a glass of wine and read the trashiest tabloid i can find, sitting outside under a tree.

would love to eat shrimp

do not want to fall out of the boat on the ct river

need to find a bathing suit, however i do not thing the world should be exposed to that

people in my office think i have weird eating habits… i KNOW i have weird eating habits, including not liking yogurt, pies, fruit with dessert and pasta don’t forget the extreme dislike of tomato’s.

i read the entertainment weekly issue excuse me double issue about sex and the city the movie and would like nothing more than to watch all the episodes in comfy clothes eating ice cream. and i totally need to see said movie, am contemplating buying my tickets…um now!

i know that would never happen, so i will be just as content being outside for a game, taking hobbes for a walk and trolling down the river.

my mother sent me a political correctness email about men and women and it was rather funny, inlcuding these little tidbits:

She is not a ‘SCREAMER’ or a ‘MOANER’- She is ‘VOCALLY  APPRECIATIVE.’



She does not get  ‘DRUNK’ or ‘TIPSY’-She gets ‘CHEMICALLY INCONVENIENCED.’

or for being politically correct toward men:

He does not have  a ‘BEER GUT’ – He has developed a ‘LIQUID GRAIN



It’s not his ‘CRACK’ you see hanging out of his  pants – It’s ‘REAR  CLEAVAGE ‘

ahh thanks mom, just when i was beginning to question whether or not you were really politically correct! here’s to a great memorial day!!

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happy birthday Kevin!!!

with an awesome cake and a little league win! and a rainbow:

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no joke…

i was just watching cbs evening news and the heading under the story about american idol was spelled american idle? REALLY?

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i have no idea! so after an after school detention yesterday i had to remind nick that if we had the same problem today, there may be no more frosted cheerie os. i know i know, add kid and sugar cereal, not a good combination but he has handled it so far very well, and there isn’t much more sugar then whats in kix, hummm.

kevins birthday is coming up, besides the billy joel tickets and a little something i picked up last week, i don’t have much, but i am not too concerned, i think i may jet over to the shopping mecca…right near dsw…and pick up something that i have in mind. no not shoes! but why wouldn’t he like shoes?

i am really looking forward to the long weekend, can i say that enough? we are going to go out on the river with a coworker who has a boat! very excited!

we are now at fort knox at work, code and everything. very high tech. that’s all i can say about that.

went to see k the other night, she has prom coming up. her dress is very pretty, but i do not think i like her “other” mentor. she acts more like a mom, reminding her that she is eating too many mashed potatoes and that she certainly cannot wear light blue eyeshadow to prom. now i never read a mentoring 101 book, nor have been trained in it. i thought my job was just to be there for her like a friend/role model type person, maybe her “other” mentor read the book. i just really didn’t like the way she talked to k, and it was everything. maybe i am developing mentor envy because the “other” mentor can afford to buy k all sorts of stuff and take her to have her nails done. but i look back at the over a year and a half that we have been working (?) together and i have supplied many different things to k, i like to think its not about the stuff with her, but i would hate to think that is the only reason why she likes her “other” mentor. just something i got under my skin and it still kinda bothers me.

my bosses daughter is engaged to someone she has been going on and off with for years, who happens to be in the marines. its rather comical, my bosses reactions, her latest thing is she wants to get married in newport, where two other people i know have either had ceromonies or receptions at, i think my bosses biggest thing is who is going to pay for that?

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oh and don’t forget the preakness!! could be a triple crown year. i feel i should explain my horse racing fascination. i have always loved horses, every christmas list that i would put together from the age i could speak until i was 16 was a list that had a horse and all the crap that accompanys them. (thank you daddy for finally caving!) add to my love of horses my competitive side and whala! horse racing! my lifelong dream was to become a large animal vet, work at churchill downs, then retire early and race/train/raise my own racehorses. i even had names picked out and was the only 12 year i knew who had a subscription to Thoroughbred Times. my favorite questions while playing trivial pursuit and other various trivia games in college included horse racing facts and listing the winners of the triple crown. no one liked when i asked the questions-mostly because it usually involved drinking if you got the answer wrong. so after the very devastating derby, big brown has won the preakness and is one race away from history, and not to completely give my age away, i was born the year of the last triple crown winner and have been patiently waiting to witness another.

so enough about that, i do not want to jinx anything, the rest of the weekend was a little league game, tough loss but the other guy who coaches the team who shall not be named wanted to protest the game, i think they should have let him, its coaches like that that make the whole experience not fun for kids, just once i would love to see nicks team beat that guy! the kid was totally out, the rules say they HAVE to slide at home if there is any type of play! the kid didnt even attempt to slide, very fishy!

after that we went to mystic to watch them re-launch a boat. i just thought it was cool because i saw them take the same boat out! saw my friend mike and let me just say he looks so GREAT! i had to do a double take to make sure it was him! way to go MOF!

on sunday, kevin and i took a drive up to cornwall and i got to go over the covered bridge. it was so cool and a gorgeous ride, and its little things like that, that just proves kevin loves me so much! he knew i would like it and was happy to show it too.

the covered bridge its one of the oldest, one lane and all! very very cool!

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