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As i check all the important entertainment news while i eat my salad i have come across a story that just warms my heart. the world will be a better place now that paris has turned her attention to saving drunk elephants, hum, here is her quote “”The elephants get drunk all the time. It is becoming really dangerous. We need to stop making alcohol available to them,” the 26-year-old socialite was quoted as saying by the World Entertainment News Network’s Web site. Thank god someone is finally addressing this issue, forget about Rawanda paris…your heart is with helping the drunk elephants! That is probably too harsh, i am sure she has good intentions, but could you just imagine how much good someone with her income and influence could really make? well thats my lunch time. back to the real world, we had a school meeting today about nick and his learning progress…i am acting like a proud parent now…he is recieving all b’s in his classes and is enthusiastic to a point of needing to be reminded to raise his hand. now i wasnt in the picture last year but from what i have been told he has never done that well in school nor has he been excited about it before. awww way to go nick! plus the best news of all, the special ed teacher said he does not need to be in special ed classes or labled with a learning diability! WHOO HOOO he is wicked smart, we just need to somehow build his confidence in that! so all in all that is a good day, Kevin was really worried about the meeting confronting the mom and all, she gave me a lovely eye roll. i have no intention of replacing her, or think that i am  a better person than her, but i get the feeling that she is thinking that i think that…very interesting.

so have you ever been listening to someone from work and just had the thought, that “dear god he needs to stop talking” i just had that experience, i feel somewhat bad because he is a great guy who is very good at what he does, but i can only take small doses and he has overstayed his welcome…

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