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Its Snowing!!!

YEAH!!! the first snow of the year, how cool is that..ha ha ha literally! go a call from kevin this morning to look out the window, nick was excited as well, dissapointed that he still had school though. i am not going to get any work done today, i am leaving tomorrow for indiana and its snowing! i tend to just watch it out the window then actually do anything productive, i think its from elementary school.

at this moment i would just like to take a few lines to thank the AAA guy who came to my rescue last night with gas! in my defense my gas gauge does not work, so i have to go by mileage, well i hadnt driven the car all weekend and went to middletown last night, as soon as i got on 91 north, my car just didnt go anymore, no warning lights, no bell just not moving. i do have to say that he got there in a prompt manner and gave me a few gallons to get to a gas station, very nice indeed. and i have to appreciate that it was the coldest night of the year so far and i only had to stand in it for an hour or so. again, thank you AAA!

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