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thursday thoughts…

…its official, i have had the new car for a week, its great, love it, but every once in a while when i am shifting (which is on the steering column not between the two front seats) i feel like my mom…

…in class last night, after discussing the gravestones, we had developed a tail of forbidden love in a clandestine Jewish faith, that had to be hidden in life but was revealed in death because of that one symbol…

…kevin started working at a different shop in the afternoon, i didn’t see him until i went to bed last night, after class, and wont see him again until about the same time tonight, half unconscious. this is different…

…i find it ironic that someone like me, who only recently caught on to the concept of balancing ones check book is now responsible for the whole musuem, but its not bad…

…my grandmother really needs to go on facebook, i find myself getting more and more addicted to said facebook,however what is it with people who seem to just be ‘collecting’ friends?…

…i dread the month of march, it always seems to be the longest. month. ever.

…does anyone know if orchids will bloom repeatedly, or if the flowers have fallen off they’re done for?

…wedding planning? whats that? because i just realized that we are at the 18 month mark, notice me not stressing about this, but realizing that all the planners i have looked at all start at the 18 month mark…

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our valentines day trip…

over the valentines day weekend, kevin and i took nick to boston. this was his first train ride:

 img_0930a little excited eh?

we walked around the common, saw the granery burial ground and had an amazing hotel suite! complete with room service! of course that morning we exchanged cards and we got nick a few things, a tom brady rookie card, pens, gum, itunes card. in turn him and kevin got a pandoras charm bracelet for me, complelt with an N charm, from nick-which may or may not have caused me to cry a little bit!

the highlight of the trip for nick was to see paul reveres house and the mall;


it was just a great weekend!!



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and kevin knows it, excepts it, and loves it! so this weekend we got to go to old cemeteries. morbid curiosity i know but i had a point this time. for my research methods class i am attempting to do a paper on two certain stones that are in norwichtown. turns out they are footstones (not headstones that i had previously thought) but they are different then any other footstone, so i may still have something to go on.


it is kinda hard to tell from this picture, but the two large headstones are the ones i am looking at, if you look behind them they have two footstones that have these inscriptions on them…


and this one…


i am really curious as to why these two footstones are so different, hopefully i will be able to figure that out through countless hours at the library and hopefully the norwich historical society. whoo hoo!

this cemetery is also the place where benedict arnolds parents and siblings are buried, after he burned new london the graves of most of his family members were destroyed, but they did leave his mothers alone.


hannah arnold. then there are some amazing carvings from around 1720 or so.


and we also found a monument in the shape of a tree, i had an english teacher in high school talk about this. of course this was not in the same cemetery, i guess these types of monuments were very vogue during the victorian age.


crazy eh? the best part was probably driving the brand new chevy impala but the gravestones were impressive…

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lasting impressions…

the wonderful mandy is doing a Lasting Impressions series over here, which i participated in.

p.s. boston with the boys was great and the new car is a dream…pictures to follow…

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so before i even had a conversation with nick this morning, i was feeding the dog to the pussy cat dolls “doncha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?” in the somewhat normal way that nick could imitate, followed by his own version which included but was not limited to opera, rap, country twang, his best baritone voice, and maybe it was robotic? needless to say i now have just that refrain, in my head. at work.

so after being seranaded, nick goes “did my dad talk to you?”

mind you its six thirty in the morning and my first response was of course, but he was being specific. so i said “about what”

to which he replied rather disappointed “oh he didn’t talk to you about it”ahh then my brain started firing “oh you mean, did he talk to me about the phone” disappointment gone “yeah yeah. i have been thinking that i could pay for the phone and then get a pay as you go type thingee.” note to self…must eradicate the word thingee from nicks vocabulary…

i was warned about this question, however i did not fully prepare a rational answer, which is why i started out with “well how do you think you are going to pay for it?” his very quick response was “my chores” ahh well

“uh, nick, you have also said you wanted a new xbox last week and you were going to save all your money for that, and you haven’t done any chores since. oh and by the way taking out the garbage does not constitute twenty bucks a week”

nick not missing a beat goes on to say “i know i know, i will do them every week, all of them and i don’t want a xbox 360 because i am going to wait for them to come out with the new technology, i think its an xbox 720 or something like that…”

to which i responded with “nick you need to show your dad and i that you can take responsibility for you and your things, remind me again why your PS3 controllers are gone…”  nick responds with “well i know i just left them out, but i can be more responsible with them” he is almost on his hands and knees. so in my best parental unit type voice i replied with “well nick it is one thing to say you will and its another thing to show us.”

after going back and forth for a while, we came to an agreement. if he can back up what he is talking about, being responsible and what not, and if he gets all As and Bs and 1 and 2s in conduct and effort on March 24th (in my head affectionately now known as CP-DAy) then he can buy a phone for himself and pay for the minutes…HIMSELF. now i have always been against middle schoolers having their own phones but that was until i lived with one who i think could learn some valuable lessons for life, if he were to have to be responsible for not only watching how many minutes he uses but also knowing when and how to pay for more. of course this could be just the bull shit side of my brain trying to rationalize an otherwise irrational decision. well you live and learn right?

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how cute?

 this is my sister and i, circa…84 maybe. i like to classify this as my pre-ugly stage, that is right before i had to get the brown framed plastic glasses that matched my freckles…that stuffed dog, affectionately known as, “dog” is still with my sister to this day, he is much flatter now and his eye balls have worn off, the tinker toys in the background got mixed in with the lincoln logs and fisher price weblo people and i think were just recently sold at a tag sale. my sisters chubby cheeks gave way to a svelte young woman, where as i continued for the next 20 years to gain chubbiness! all in all things were good then and great now and i wouldn’t change anything for the world! love you sis!!!

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