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P is for Procrastination…

4 places I go over and over:

(2) Martin Kellogg Middle School
(3) Grocery Store
(4) Museums

4 people who e-mail me regularly:

(1) mom
(2) kevin
(3) mags
(4)usgovernment jobs???

4 of my favorite places to eat:

(1) My kitchen-when Kevin cooks
(2) S&P Oyster
(3) Chowder Pot
(4) Whole Foods

4 places you’d rather be NOW:

(1) in front of a fire
(2) with hobbes,
(3) and Kevin,
(4) and Nick

4 TV shows I could watch over and over:

(1) Cities of the Underworld
(2) Dirty Jobs-Hello Mike!!
(3) Sex and the City
(4) Criminal Minds

4 movies I could watch over and over:

(1) Band of Brothers
(2) Memphis Bell
(3) Casablanca
(4) Goonies

4 people I hope will respond:

i have no idea…

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looking around…

so the obligatory looking back at 2008 post seems a bit redundant. all i can say was that it was the best year yet and i look forward to what 2009 will bring. so with that here are random thoughts:

we are bringing in the new year with friends who are hosting a little sleepover complete with live music and “vittles” (not sure what those are but hey you only live once!)

on another note, how adult am i? for the first time EVER i looked at my credit score, and its average…like everybody else. excuse me while i pat myself on the back a bit. i thought for sure it would be in the negative, i realize this is not possible but that is how my mind works. so now the dream of buying a new car is becoming closer to an idea the step right before reality.

on friday we are spending two nights in the city, something i have always wanted to do, as well as kevin. hopefully we will meet up with my sister friday night, i also hope to make it through the entire MET this time, not just one part-i have a tendency to take way too much time in museums. and on saturday its the fritzen family christmas in jersey, not expecting lots of drama just lots of good laughs-nothing in that family is sacred.

i have never really made resolutions, just had ideas of what i can do better the next year. for 2009 i want to be a better friend, and reconnect with people whom i haven’t seen/talked to in way to long. i want to be the best parental figure i can be, the best grad student i can be and the best person i can be. and i should probably get over the frustrations of looking at other peoples weddings and just be myself well ourselves for our marriage.

Happy New Year!!

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Christmas Time…

img_0385believe it or not, it has come to that time of year. the time of year when i still get excited about christmas morning so excited i could throw up, but i haven’t in years. the time of year the tree is up, there is snow on the ground and all i want to do is be surrounded by the people i love.

three years ago was kevin and i s first christmas. we put up a tree he had in the basement of his friends house, a tree that he had bought a few years before but since the purchase did not feel the christmas spirit. we put up all the ornaments he had and i added some silver bells and a crystal snowflake.

two years ago, put up the same tree that miraculaosly returned to the original box and made the move. we had new ornaments and a 11 year old with us. we made a point to make this christmas a huge one to remember.

this year the tree is up again, all of our ornaments are on the branches, we have changed the bulbs and completely made it our own. our tree has gone from just something kevin had to something that brings all three of us together to celebrate our little family. no matter how rough things get, how tight times may be or how irritated we get with each other, we have figured out how to make this work. i wouldn’t want it any other way.


img_0411that will be nicks permanant position for the remainder of christmas break…

img_0400of course he may have to compete with hobbes for the blanket…


Merry Christmas!

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bella fleck

this past weekend, kevin and i went to see bella fleck and the flecktones. we had these great seats in an awesome little theatre in north hampton mass. what an amazing show. bella is unbelievable on the banjo, jeff kaufman so very very talented, futureman…fantastic in a quirky way and victor wooten is an absolute god. i cannot get over how great the show was. it was nice to get away for a night.

speaking of nice, last night was monday, the first monday since september that i havent had to sit through class, it was so great. that feeling of being done with class never gets old. i have emailed (yes emailed, i am a student in the 21st century) my final paper and can now say i have officially finished my first semester of grad school! three more to go and then the thesis! i am looking forward to finishing my christmas shopping, throwing away the gazillion articles i had to print off blackboard, returning the umteen million books to the library, reclaiming what small space i have next to the bed, and not worrying about having to do homework. at lest not until the end of january.

ahh a big sigh of relief!

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my love hate relationship…

with facebook. part of me thinks it is great to see all these people that i used to go to school with, or worked with, or havent technically met. but the other part of me wants nothing to do with it. i have been in a mopey mood all day and i think i just figured out why. facebook did it! so far i have friends from college (mostly sorority sisters) my family and current and past co-workers oh and a few bloggy friends. but last night someone friended me who i never thought would a.)have a facebook page and b.) post pictures. at first i was really excited to see her, then i looked at her pictures and saw her trip to the east coast, with two of my closest friends whom i haven’t seen in over two years. they were in new jersey, i am in connecticut. and that is where and when i really started to get blue. i have tried so hard to keep in contact with everyone i left behind, but we all get busy in our lives. so here i am, in connecticut, engaged to the most wonderful man in the world, and i have no friends to share with. not meaning i have no friends, i have met some of the greatest people in my various jobs during the past five years. fantastic people that i consider great friends, but they are not the friends “that knew you when…” i look at all types of different wedding sites trying to get an idea for ours, and i see all the bridesmaids, in my mind, the bridesmaids are life long friends, the ones you made in high school and college who have been through thick and thin. i had that at one time but that was the same time i was convinced i was NEVER getting married. clearly things change. i do not even know if it is right or wrong to invite or not invite all these people from my past, they were so important and i miss them dearly and i have no idea what to do. after a few tears last night kevin asked me if i wanted him to write to all of them and tell them how upset i was , what a great guy! so facebook, at times you can be like crack and at times you just make me sad.

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thurday thoughts…

so i tend to do my best thinking in the shower, not sure why i think it is when my random brain really starts firing coherent thoughts first thing in the morning, usually i wake up with a million little things that i need to get done that day and it takes a few minutes and at least one cup of coffee to form them into streamlined plans of action.

i have finished my first grad school class, last night i turned in the 20+ page paper on comic books and juvenile delinquency in the 1950s. i am happy with it, i was not able to tie it to a major general election of the time period, i felt that if i tried the professor would know i was grasping at straws…not good. one down one to go!

this morning nick and i were watching t.v (he has been banned from ps3 for an undetermined amount of time) sportcenter was on and then the commercial break. first commercial, viagara…or shall i say viva viagra to the tune of elvis. with the two adults dancing then needing to leave the party early and enter an elevator to which nick says-with disgust i might add-“why would anyone want to do it in an elevator?” me “uhhh” (insert crickets in the background) “takes all kinds nick?” then he proceeded to put his shoes on saying “geeze an elevator, yeah right, good luck with that.” so i may be able to form coherent thoughts at this point in the morning however, reasonable responses as to why people may or may not have sex in elevators, is defiantly an afternoon discussion.

the very next commercial was an arbys commercial, perhaps you have seen it, a gentleman on his bed with candles all around asking his honey if she is ready yet, from behind a closed door she says yes and i am only doing this because it is your birthday, comes out dressed in an Arbys uniform with a sandwich and we see the gentleman on the bed get all excited and the arbys logo pops literally i think even with a little “boing” sound above his head. i had to laugh, first, nick didn’t get it, at least he didn’t say anything, i think he was still contemplating the physics behind having sex in an elevator and then i thought that is a lot of sex first thing in the morning on sportscenter.

as we were leaving for school nick was singing “Vivaaaaaa, Vivaaaaa, Viagraaaaaa” to which i promptly asked him to stop. it is probably already a theme song for 12 year 7th grade boys…

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