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i have the worst craving for cup cakes right now! i know the dreaded time of month is just around the corner and i know its going to be bad because i cannot stop eating and dreaming of cup cakes. thank god for kevin, who had to go to the grocery store last night because nick needed to pack a lunch today (its medieval day, i am jealous and want to go to his school, he thinks thats weird) and just when he was leaving he asked if i needed anything and i said an exasperated yes, white cupcakes with white frosting. even though they were from stop and shop, they are the best cupcakes i have EVER had, even for breakfast this morning… don’t judge me! and since now opening day has passed, we get to watch the yankees all. the. time. when i first met kevin, he didn’t have cable, so we would just go to the games but with the tickets requiring an organ or soul donation and the fact that we now have cable, kevin told me yesterday to look out “the yankee couch potato is coming out!” but i cant really say i mind all that much, when i think about it, i must be the girlfriend anomaly, i love watching baseball, i made kevin trip the first time i told him that not only do i like to go to games, but i keep score. i even play it. just yesterday we took nick to the field and did some infield practice, i got to play first base (one of my old positions) then we were working with nick on a two seamed fast ball. i was catching, now i thought this was all normal until another team showed up and the coach looked at me rather oddly. not only was it odd to him that i was catching, but i think i impressed him a bit because i was good. i don’t think it was a negative look or thought, but maybe, to put in gillian terms, curious. and at that point i got to thinking, this may look weird, how many family type units you know where two parents and kid, do this kind of stuff. i used to play catch with my dad but my mom was NEVER there. the past month and a half we had been going to the batting cages, they are run by someone who is affiliated with the little league and rents a warehouse and sets up the cages, then charges $5 an hour to use the machine, i got to use my new bat that kevin got me for valentines day and it was just awesome to rip the ball. now step back from that whole statement and i think “who does that?” then i remind myself this is the same person who made chicken picatta last night in a soup kettle because we have no skillet and it all fits into place!

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