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it was really windy yesterday, and when i say windy, i mean i could lean into the wind and be supported by it. with that thought in mind, we went to practice some in fielding. kevin was hitting ground balls to nick and another team mate. the field was fine, the grass a little high and kevin was not at all belting the ball at them, when low and behold a ground ball with eyes up and jumped into nicks face. in a slow motion moment, his hands immediately went to his mouth. my mind reacted two fold. first thought: be ready for lots of blood when he puts his hands down, be ready, be ready, be ready. no blood. second thought: how ironic it is that just twenty minutes beforehand, kevin told nick to sacrifice his body and not to worry, “we have dental insurance” i must admit i am proud of nick for the way he handled it, for the most part, he was mad at his dad because it hurt, and now he had to go to school with a fat lip (which by the way is hardly swollen, just a little red under his nose, kinda like he had been wiping it way to much) and everyone was going to see it. after a little break he got right back in there and fielded the best i have ever seen him field. it was like he learned how to fall and that it really wasn’t going to hurt too bad, plus all the time he is shouted at to use two hands, really does make sense now. 

after dinner, we finished up homework and started watching a movie. for a little snack i decided to have some peanut butter and crackers. because the jar was pretty much finished, i decided to make hobbes’ night and offer him the jar. this is what followed:


notice the tongue!

and how he seems to protect the jar…


i totally made his night!


he even cleans himself up!

about fifteen minutes later the jar was as clean as a whistle!


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