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is a constant at my house, i love it and the boys love it and it is something that we can do together pretty much anywhere and anytime. i do not think that any of the other parents that i sit with during the games actually catch for their kids on the off days or can beat them in a game of Out! i think i have to credit my dad with my love of the game, and i also credit him with making me a tigers fan. my little dilemma is that both the boys are huge yankees fans, and both, well more so nick than kevin, like to talk trash about my tigers. i grew up in michigan and remember loving the ’84 world series when the tigers beat the padres (at that point in my life i was just happy that my “team” had beat the other team with the really ugly uniforms). then i got older the tigers started to really stink, so much so, that the summer we moved out here, my friends and i (all tigers fans) were desperately trying to get tickets to the last regular season game just to say that we were there when the tigers earned the worst record in major league history. luckily, they won and have been improving ever since, so much so that they have beaten the yankees out of the running in very very recent memory. but i don’t gloat, partly because i do not have the kahunas to brag about something that i am not certain about and partly because i cannot stand being proven wrong or when my bragging has been proven wrong, so i generally keep quiet. last night was the series opener for the tigers v yankees in new york. my sister was at that game, we watched the third and fourth inning, at which point the tigers were up by 4. then mysteriously the channel was changed, i didn’t say much (i know how frustrated kevin gets when the yankees are loosing, and i am sure it would have been worse to watch that game with me next to him) we went to bed and this morning, when nick was watching sports center, i just happened to be in the room when the highlights from last nights game came on, and very calmly i read that DETROIT WON 6 to 4! Oh Happy Days! nick said the yankees suck, he is already developing the love hate relationship all yankees fans have. i didn’t say anything, but on the inside i was doing a gig! way to go tigers, if the hat that i got for christmas wasn’t so big, i would be sporting it proudly when we go to pitch tonight, i would also like to add that the red wings are up 3-0 in their series and i think the pistons are still in it, that and the lions are the two teams i really do not care about. add that victory to the post positions being drawn today for the derby and i am one happy sports nut, thankfully there is not much going on at work, i do have a report to do but have plenty of time for that. happy hump day!

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