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tacos for tuesday…

not tonight! every week for the past six months we have had tacos on tuesday nigh sometime wednesday, at least once a week. the positive side is i do not have to put much effort into what to have for dinner, the negative side is well, the flatulence! big smells come from small packages! instead, tonight i am going to branch out and make meatball grinders, not just any meatballs… grandmas secret recipe meatballs! hopefully nick will get over his disappointment and enjoy them all the same. of course there is nothing a trip to hollister wont fix…yup thats right, he came home this saturday saying he likes hollister, so we got a few t-shirts (the on sale ones) and realized that if he is liking these clothes now, kevin and i can kiss our dreams of owning a house bye bye and both get second jobs to support his clothing habits, at least until he can get a job, and i did tell him if those were the kinds of clothes he likes, then he needs to get a job at one of the stores! then  he can be in on the wonderful world of discounts, i just hope he doesn’t think that every weekend will be spent buying him new clothes because that is certainly not in the budget!

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