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This is another one of my favorites! i have always felt that way about meatloaf and spaghetti!

every morning kevin wakes up around 5:15, i will usually wake up groggy like say good morning then roll back over and fall asleep. the past few mornings i have fallen back asleep and had the most vivid dreams, the ones where you wake up still feeling raw emotion and wondering whether or not it really happened. Well this morning was the icing on the cake you might say. after kevin kissed me goodbye, i fell back asleep to a world that i am so not ready to deal with. in this dream my sister was pregnant, not only was she pregnant but she didn’t tell me, i found out from my mom. then i found out she was engaged! then i found out her baby that was 28 weeks along wasn’t forming right but my mom was ok with that because the doctor would take four dollars off the price of the birth (that was the clue that this was a dream) the entire time i was hearing these things i was shouting and balling my eyes out. then i had to go to the top of the empire state building to see my sister and i was the annoying person going through security with a million and one things (including a laundry basket full of crap) all the while still crying over my sister and her not telling me. i think the most disturbing thing is that i was more upset that she got engaged before me. i am so not in a race. so i promptly called mary this morning to double check that she is neither engaged or pregnant and then i apologized for being insanely jealous in my dream. she understood and promised that i would not find out that kind of information weeks after the fact and from my mother. i feel a bit better now. i also told nick about this dream, we tell each other our dreams if they were good or bad and if they were funny, well nick said he had a dream as well and that i was pregnant and engaged, i told him the engaged part would be great, but the pregnancy part would be more of a nightmare. he seems really unsure about changes, i guess he told kevin yesterday not to get engaged, and besides stating the obvious, that there would be no kind of change, kevin just said well i will consult you but it is my decision. all very interesting…


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