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* this week was my birthday, it was low key and great all at the same time.

*on my birthday I got a call from Mags in Michigan. It was the greatest conversation in a long time. Reminded me of how much i miss her and wish that I could meet that little man of hers!

*I would LOVE it if someone could explain to me the acid trip friskies commercials. Not only do they freak me out, I would love to know why they need to have a cartoon “celebrity (puss in boots)” hawking their cat food. At least I think its cat food…not sure really…

*I am desperately trying to find new recipes for me and the boys…

*thank God that this week is almost over. When you hear a huge sigh Saturday at 4:01pm, no worries, that is me being glad that for 24 hours I wont have to do ANYTHING!

Happy Friday!

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  • i am officially sick of hot weather, at least for me, its good for the garden though and i don’t want to jinx anything but we may have loads o produce very very soon…
  • along with loads o produce we also have loads o weeds, ones with prickers and all that seem to grow to full size over night..
  • vacation-almost here!!
  • last night i went to the store and on my out i observed something, well, off… in the parking lot was a chevy aveo, a small car. and attached to said small car were a very large pair of truck balls. whats wrong with that picture? and what exactly drives that. i really wanted to take a picture but then i got to thinking that may be off as well…
  • have you ever randomly thought of someone from your past? someone you haven’t seen or talked to in years and they just pop in your head for a brief thought and then you find them on facebook?
  • my sister and i share of love of terrible tv, the shows that suck you in and wont let go, once you start watching you cant stop, a lot like crack actually. the other day i briefly got attached to toddlers and tiaras and called my sis just to say hi, well you know what? SHE was watching it too, so much so that the rest of the evening was spent sending text messages back and forth about the amount of money spent on a gown for a three year old ($2000) the thought mary had that one of the judges was a pedophile (she should know, she works with them every day) and about the dad who was a total flamer, he just hadn’t figured it out yet…
  • of course i was able to step away from the train wreck, mary had to dvr the rest in order to go running. but in her defense she did NOT dvr the series…
  • speaking of series, i just have to say that Deadliest Catch did a very nice job with the death of Phil Harris, brought a tear to my eye…
  • lets just bring on the weekend now!!

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so i haven’t felt all that great the past week or so, i decided to chalk it up to the monthly thing, it was out of whack anyway so i just figured it was something different. monday at work i started to really not feel good and when i got home i probably looked like death warmed over. i attempted to eat something, took more tylenol and went to nicks game. which by the third inning was called due to weather. we got home and i took more tylenol and went to bed. at 1 am i woke up in tears, it felt as if my lower back was going to explode at any moment and that i was carrying around a dagger in my right side. i like to think i have a high tolerance for pain-come on i was filleted for pete sake! kevin took me to the hospital, where they poke and prod and say does this hurt, to which i respond with ‘do you think i would be crying if it didn’t?’

they did tons of tests and gave me pain meds which finally allowed me to lay down on my back. kevin had to leave to get nick ready for camp and while he was gone all i could think about was that he would come back and find me in emergency surgery for something completely random, that thought was followed immediately by, ‘oh hell no, for the first time in my life i am excited to wear a swim suit…i WILL wear said swim suit’

eventually the tests came back and its the kidney infection from hell. alright i added the from hell part but i am sure there is some medical term for that. today i am feeling a bit better, i will attempt to go to work with out pain meds and get everything i need to get done before we take a week off for vacation, a vacation where i will be wearing my swim suit and sleeping on my back!

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holy monday batman…

so did not want to get out of bed this morning. not because it wasn’t a gorgeous day, not because anything bad is happening, i was just so damn. comfortable. but i went to work and had to share my little news. i have mentioned the “e” word before, but now its even closer. this past weekend, we had the “talk” basically it is so going to happen but we have a joint checking account and we tell each other everything so the concern was what would be thought if less money was being put away. i had no answer. well we took a trip to tiffanys (i felt as if i were going to pass out) and tried on a ring that cost the same as grad school and a new car, then looked another place. this other place had some gorgeous settings. but we still didn’t have a stone. in my euphoria i naturally called my mom and my sister- side note apparently you CANNOT call your sister and leave a message that simply says “we went to tiffanys”- on sunday we went and had lunch with my mom, abbotts in the rough “difficult to find, impossible to forget!” which she had planned last week, and right before hand she gave kevin and i my grandmothers diamond pendant and matching studs. we have a stone, and it is mighty pretty! and i have to go breathe into a brown paper bag again…

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have you ever been in a situation that you know is just off? i have been fortunate enough to be in more than one this past week/end. first awkward situation, friday, i am working at a science expo, lots of school groups come around and look at what the museums/clubs/schools have to offer and take anything they can get their hands on. we were handing out buttons, very popular actually. but thats not the awkward part. earlier on in the week i had recieved an email from a former co-worker, informing me that another co-worker had just lost his only daughter in a drowning incident. now i didnt know him all that well, but he was always very nice and rather quiet. i am not sure when exactly this happened but it must have been over spring break. i read about the memorial service and just felt really bad, i could never in a million years imagine loosing a child or even begin to know how to deal with it. back to the expo, i am sitting next to my co-worker, who was in the office when i recieved the email, and i notice someone who looked very familiar, it was the gentleman who had just lost his daughter, he was with his wife and i just wanted to give him a hug. i said hi,  (i hadnt seen him since i had left the job) and he introduced his wife, but looked lost. i just wanted to give him a hug but i didnt because i had no idea how to even broach the subject. when they moved on i mentioned to my co-worker that was the man i used to work with and we both just had dumbfounded looks on our faces…

Awkward moment number two…direct from the little league field (and let me tell you that place is FULL of drama!) one of nicks team mates broke his ankle in feb. while snow tubing. no big deal except this was the teams big player…you know six feet tall, pitcher and hitter extraordinarie. (oh and he is 12). well i know both of his parents, i am usually sitting next to his dad during the games, nice enough guy, his mom is a social butterfly and will be visiting everyone at the field. they seemed happy. NOT! the dad was so disappointed that his son couldn’t play at a game that he left the game saying he just couldn’t watch, well i mentioned that conversation to the mother and i said it was kinda funny. she looked at me with a blank look and said “i don’t” then proceeded to perform verbal vomit about how they were just snow tubing and accidents happen and its not her fault and she didn’t take baseball away from her son and ending the tirade with court is may 8th. i had a blank look of holy shit! again didnt really know what to say, thankfully i havent been sitting with both since, not really sure how to handle that situation either.

great weekend though, and i did touch the snake, thats all, touched, then cringed.

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holy funk batman…

its sunny out but there is a cloud, i have no idea where or what is is and why its here. i am just bored.

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its here its here its finally here! i am sure there is a song for fridays but i cannot think of it yet…. so here are some celebratory pictures!!hpim0446.jpg a really pretty flower because its spring…although with the weather not really feeling it!hpim0373.jpg the roth duff something something something house in new bedford, awesome place and i posted that in honor of me sending in my grad school application, now i sit and wait with fingers crossed and prayers to whomever will listen!


and heres my little boy doing what he does best… being lazy! but look at that putnum!!


and really, i have to admit that i love love love coach bags, however, this is from their new spring line and all i have to say is “FRINGES…REALLY?”  ohh the dissapointment, they can only regain my admiration by making more bags like this:


in any color really, because that is just cute!

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