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so these past two days has been a challenge of my parenting skills, not that i have a whole arsenal or anything i am still new to the whole idea, but what do you do with a 6th grader who has been removed from different classes for being extremely, not just a little, Disruptive? Monday and Tuesday were both days detentions have been earned, after-school of course. we did the usual no TV, no ps2, early bed time, no trick or treating, no dance after-school (which he also cannot go to because he has to fix his failing computer class grade) but i am still not convinced that he realizes the gravity of the situation. i understand this is a whole new environment, it is for all of us! but still school is very important and he is a smart kid, argh!

happy Halloween by the way! its an alright holiday, i just get irritated with all the little kids who take hand outs for granted. we had a Halloween event at work the other night and some of those kids were so rude and inconsiderate i just want to remind them all they are not the center of the universe, how does one convey that in a non threatening way?

i work close to a bubble machine, so at least four or five times a day i hear and enthusiastic little kids yell “BUBBLES” then the thump thump thump of feet running towards it, its cute.

we almost saw a full out fight last night at Wal Mart, thankfully the police were there picking up the usual shop lifters, so they did double duty and escorted the very loud woman out of the store. you have to watch out at those self check outs, apparently she thought the computer was over charging her, and defiantly was out to get just her oh and the group behind her were just standing there to get into her business. i know this is how she felt because even though we were standing a good distance from her, her voice really carried, i think the whole entrance area of that particular Wal Mart knew how she felt.

so Kevin really enjoys dropping the “mom-bomb” on me, the running joke last night was i started early having kids so that i could enjoy my thirties…i was so shocked at the idea that turning 30 is coming up (not this year…) that i couldn’t come up with a witty comment, i hate when that happens. i wonder what the girls from high school are up to now with their kids?

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