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eating chapstick…

when my sister and i were very young, many many many moons ago, my mom sold avon. so with all the hideous shades of eye shadow (which applying is still a mystery to me) and lipsticks and stinky perfume samples, my mom would also receive chap stick samples. now i do not quite remember if the favored flavor was just a holiday special or not, but my sister loved the chap stick. when i say loved, i mean, apply it so much and lick it off it was “causing” the chapped lips. it got to a point where instead of applying the minty goodness, she would just take a bite out of it. needless to say, we went through a lot of chapstick. i bring this up because the other day nick and i were shopping for kevins birthday presents. at the grocery store, nick said he needed some chapstick. becuase i am so cool, i let him pick some fruity smoothy combination pack. with heated anticipation he opened the chapstick in the car and smelled and applied all three. which reminded me of my sister, heatedly applying/eating her minty christmas type chapstick from avon so many years ago. in nicks excitement i told him “you know, mary used to eat chap stick” nick replied with a “REALLY?” me “oh yeah, like all the time” well after that i thought the subject had died. every few mornings nick would come over to me and say “did mary REALLY eat chap stick?” my response ” oh yes she did!” which brings us to yesterday afternoon, nick was done with his reading and had to use the bathroom because that is what nick does when ever he is told to do something else. when he came back out, he said “that was so gross, why did mary ever do that” and i looked at him puzzled and wanted to know what? “i just ate some chap stick, oh man that was disgusting” why did you do that? “i wanted to know what mary was talking about!” ohhh.

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