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part 2… my worries

i worry that i will not be able to raise a decent person, i worry that said little person may just hate me because he could never hate his mom or dad. i worry about my sister, she has to resign her state job in order to get promoted (i guess that logic only works with the great state of new jersey.) i worry about mags and hope things are alright with her in michigan. i worry that my parents may never be able to sell their house, but i also worry that something terrible will happen as soon as their move is permanent and i wont know what to do, maybe i am a worry wart. i worry everyday that something has happened to my boys, i worry that i wouldn’t know how to deal with that. i worry that the politics that go into little league may ruin the experience of little league  (i vaguely remember my dad complaining about them when we played, that’s why he got out of coaching) i worry about not getting into grad school-and may worry more about telling everyone that i didn’t get accepted. i worry about people i have never met and really hope that everything works out for them. i also really want a kentucky derby pie, and after doing exhaustive research i can get the authentic kentucky derby pie (it has been patented) at honey baked hams. at the bargain basement price of $34! i have seen recipes, they all seem the same but not quite like the one i had in louisville. i worry that $34 is a bit much for a pie (i don’t even like pies in the traditional sense) i worry that one morning i am going wake up with gray hair (how petty is that?) i worry that my 1999 malibu will just up and die and i have no way of replacing her at the moment i also worry that i may never be able to afford $4 a gallon and may have to come up with an alternative way of hauling my happy ass to work! i worry that the young lady that i mentor is making the wrong decisions with her boyfriend i worry that at times she has no clue as to how the real world works, but she is at the age that soon she will be on her own, that is scary at least to me. i am now feeling much better, kevin just told me if i had gray hair he would still love me, that was all i needed to hear! got to start the countdown for the derby, maybe i will even make mint juleps and wear a ridiculous hat! ahh happy monday!

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