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she was so frickin’ cute! last night was nicks first scrimmage for little league. a great place to people watch i might add. since we have moved to newington, i have been wanting to bring hobbes along for a walk and social time, there are trails behind the fields that i have seen numerous people emerge from and wanted to see them for myself. well the boys went off to warm up and hobbes and i went exploring. the trails were great, i was a bit hesitant at first though because the beginning of the trail is actually a boardwalk through these really tall reeds. my first thought was “wheres the body” followed closely by “what if i was the body” but after we scared some ducks i began to feel a bit more at ease. they were nice trails, some with rocks laid out and some just dirt paths. not wanting to miss too much of the game we only did a small circle and headed back. hobbes loved the boardwalk by the way. when the game started, all the familiar faces from last year were back and some new ones. one little face in particular was a little girl name nicole. last year she was a little shy. not this year! now to set the premise of the story, her dad is also a coach on nicks team and when we pulled up he was getting his equipment ready and said hi to hobbes and mentioned that they are thinking about getting a dog and that his in laws do have two goldens, however he gets really grossed out about the amount of hair that is always in the house. i thought to myself, the hair is bad, but if you keep up with it, you don’t get it on your socks, plus i couldn’t imagine trying to keep up with two of them. well his wife came later on with nicole and the other younger son. nicole came over and was enamored with hobbes, her mom also mentioned that the family is in the process of finding a dog that is a good fit with their family and again mentioned the in laws with the super hairy goldens. well after that intial meeting between hobbes and nicole, she. never. left. well all except for when the ice cream truck came and she was able to get a spongebob ice cream thing. after that little distraction, hobbes found a new friend. she sat next to him, hung on every word i had to say about when he was a puppy, how small he was, how he would sing with my music and how cute he was when he would curl up next to my head. well after i want to say an hour and a half of oggling my dog, another young girl came up to pet hobbes and nicole told her that she also had a golden puppy, at home, she had gotten him at the pet store and his name was hobbes as well. the new little girl asked how big nicoles puppy was and nicole responding with the same, exact same, hand description that i had given her not a half hour before. at the end of the game, nicoles mom came over and thanked me profusely for allowing nicole to pet hobbes and allow the mom to socialize with the other mothers. i didn’t mind, she was nice enough to ask me what my name was, not sure how to handle that question though considering i had been to every. single. game last year. typical new englander! i digress, i did inform her that her family now has a golden puppy at home and she was just like “ohh really” overall it was a great night, nicole was just too cute, almost makes me think i want one of my own, let me just stress the almost in that sentence! going to those games is such a great opportunity to people watch. you have the over zealous dads, you know the ones who only cheer for their sons and are very vocal with those cheers, you have the helicopter moms who are more concerned if their kids have enough water, or if the pitches are too fast, and then you have the social parents. this group is the same for men and women. these are the people who grew up here, went to school together and now their kids are playing at the same little league they played at. they form cliques at the games and will only talk to others from their “class” i don’t know what year it was, NOT MINE!!! i have talked to more than one person from this area and they freely admit that people just don’t leave. i really saw that last night, i don’t think there is too much wrong with that, i guess if you feel comfortable somewhere and do not need to leave, why would you. i know for myself, when i was in high school, i could not wait to get out of kalamazoo and i had no plans on returning, i did briefly, but then moved out east, where i learned that 1. people in ct are different and 2. they wont talk to you for a year. now i thought that i was over the year probation, but apparently its a year anywhere you move in ct. surprise! so i guess now that i have been to every game last year, all the parents will talk to me this year! yeah for me! oh and there are new parents, so i still have to answer the question “which one is you son?” and my answer is “oh, its my boyfriends son, the one pitching/catching” part of me is happy to say that and part of me feels so violated by that question. i understand asking odd people who they are routing for and why, thank you hallie, but i have been there for a very long time and at this point the details are so scattered that i do not feel like divulging that information. ahh little league! have a great weekend!

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